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开奖记录官方结果号码飞飞艇体彩-新168飞艇2024开奖记录官方网 the birthplace of our brand, the origin of our botanical ingredients, the inspiration for our attitude to life, and our award-winning hair products that leave you with hair that looks and smells gorgeous.

What is your HairCode?

The world is complicated. Hair shouldn't be. Take a 3 minutes quiz, answer a few questions and get a free scientific debrief and a personalised list of products for your specific hair type.


Our Aussome conditioners pack a punch! Hair dryer than a tourist lost in the Aussie outback? Consider these beige-bottled babes your oasis! Frizz-prone hair misbehaving? Regain control and put those strands back in their place. Oh, and did we mention all our conditioners smell deliciously edible! (they're not, though... so please don't).


Wave your hair like you just don't care! Get Aussome Aussie beach waves with a few A-beauty tricks from the land down under. This is your one-stop shop to A-mazing wavy locks that'll be the envy of all. No beach necessary.


Want to hear a secret? Effortlessly gorgeous locks don’t have to involve a multitude of time-consuming steps. That’s right, you too can have effortlessly gorgeous locks, so you have more time for Aussome Aussie adventures. Minimal effort, maximum output. It’s the Australian way and it’s called A-beauty.

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'As a dye-hard bleached blonde, I'm forever on the hunt for products that swerve brassiness in favour of bright, cool tones. I'm also a BIG Aussie fan (me and 3 Minute Miracle go way back), so I was intrigued when this popped through the post. My high hopes were met, with a blonde-boosting shampoo that delivered instant results.'

- Joely Walker, Grazia Beauty Director.
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