Outback Australia Adventure Tour / Farmstay Holiday Tours from Sydney

Sally has retired from running tours at this time. Visits to Inglevale Farmstay are still possible, Contact us for details.

From November Aussie Farmstay and Bush Adventures itineraries will be offered by a different operator. So if you wish to travel after Oct 2021, contact us for details.

It should be mentioned there can be some difficulties with the application of visas while traveling. To simplify the travel process, you can ask a TN Visa Expert for help.

Our Farmstay is a unique and genuine cultural experience that travellers vow they’ll never forget. These are examples of some comments:

“The farmstay was the best and most memorable part. We were treated like old friends, not paying guests.” Edwin, England

“The farmstay made the trip for us and the kids. For one night we truly felt like part of your extended family in the bush. That is what sets your tour apart.” Tony, USA

“The highlight of the trip for me was the night sitting around the campfire with the Norris Family. The brilliant stars overhead and the poems and songs and yarns flowing freely brought back childhood memories.” John, Australia

We depart from Sydney and travel over the Blue Mountains on a city escape into the New South Wales Australian bush. We visit historic country towns, natural sites of beauty and a family farm. We meet real bush Aussies. Travellers get a chance to experience real country life, sample authentic Aussie bush tucker and try their hand at some traditional Aussie practices creating holidays they’ll never forget.

As reviewed in the LA Times Newspaper, Los Angeles, March 2014 (see article here).

Where does the Australian Outback start?

That’s a good question, but it’s not easily defined. Most Australians live on the Australian Coast, and to them, anything over the Mountains is the Australian Outback. So a drive over the Blue Mountains is an Outback adventure for most Sydney-siders.

Aussie Farmstay and Bush Adventures certainly provides that, so travel with us and you’ll have an Outback experience in remote country areas of New South Wales. But for those of us who grew up in the areas west of the Blue Mountains, the Outback doesn’t really start until the earth turns red and the trees don’t grow.

That’s why at Aussie Farmstay and Bush Adventures we prefer to call our eco-tours bush adventures. The Australian bush is remote from the city. It has a character all of its own. Tour with us and you’ll have an Australian experience, a bush adventure and a farm-stay that you won’t forget.

What makes Aussie Farmstay and Bush Adventures an ecotour operator?

Ecotourism involves providing experiences for travellers following these criteria:

  • small group activities
  • nature-based experiences
  • environmental appreciation
  • cultural understanding
  • Minimisation of environmental impact and climate change

Aussie Farmstay and Bush Adventures specialises in these things. With a maximum of 11, travellers are assured of a holiday with personal attention. We venture into several areas of natural beauty, including the Blue Mountains World Heritage National Park, to experience the NSW Australian environment. Through our farm stay on a historic farm still operated by the same family, and visits to many towns and villages travelers learn about the Australian bush culture. On all tours vehicles are chosen which provide passenger comfort but also minimise fuel use and operations of the company are conducted to limit greenhouse gas emissions. The carbon footprint of operations has been calculated and is monitored regularly.

Photography By Dave Masters.